The weight loss industry

The largest industries in the United States are the food one, the weight loss one and the pharmaceutical one. These three industries define the basic habits and trends in the lifestyle of an overage American.

The growth in the food industry and its evolution into a junk food industry has lead to the simultaneous growth of the weight loss industry and even the pharma industry. The more junk food you eat, the more health problems you will have. Obesity has became the most widespread health problem within worldwide and this problem lead to other complications. If you need weight loss, you need it most not because you should look perfect but because of your good health. Obesity causes serious diseases such as high blood pressure, heart attack, diabetes, etc. All these complications impose the usage of many drugs. Therefore, the pharma industry growths when people’s health worsens. The weight loss industry is influenced by the increased number of people with obesity problems.

As obesity is now a bigger problem recognized by people, more food companies are entering the weight loss segment. For example, coke, one of the carbonated drinks that is worst for your health, has a “diet coke” version, which is rather ironic. Also, there is skim milk, low-fat dairy products, diet beverages, etc.

Innovation in the medical industry has followed the development of junk food: for example the gastric band. This method is applicable to people who are extremely overweight and their stomach is so stretched that they need to eat all the time. In these cases not only weight loss is needed but also much more serious measures. May be it is painful but it could prevent a lot of future complications.

The two most frequent types of commercials that you see on television in the United States are the ones about food and the ones about weight loss, followed by the ones by medicine. All the advertisements influence unconsciously the behaviour of consumers. If you see food everywhere throughout the day, you will be indirectly forced to eat.

The developments in the food industry are closely followed by developments in the weight loss industry and the pharma industry. However, if you personally do not agree where the food industry is going and keep to a healthy diet, you never have to pay for weight loss or pharmaceuticals.

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